2023 Athboy Karting Summer Camp

[archive] For girls and boys aged 13-17 (must be 150cm tall) who want to learn to drive a kart and have a fantastic time, the summer karting camp is for you.
Camp complete
Camp complete
Athboy Karting Centre

Camp information

If your son or daughter has an adventurous spirit and a love of karting, why not organise a karting camp for them in Athboy next summer? The camp is run by the Athboy Karting Centre.

The main aim of the camp is to have fun. To learn how to drive a kart efficiently and safely.
It is not aimed at young people who are members of an affiliated karting club or who are already seriously involved in the sport.

  • Date of event: July 27
  • Course consists of 1 day: 10:30- 18:00
  • Group: 12 drivers
  • Price: 200 euro for camp
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Knowledge and Skills your child will gain

Grand Prix
At the end of the camp there is a Grand Prix competition for students and a trophy for the Winner of the Grand Final.
Exercises on the track
Learn how to start the race, accelerate, overtake, corner and get into the right position at any given time.
Construction of the kart
For a better understanding of how to manage the kart and achieve better results, we familiarise students with its construction.

Safety rules
Students will learn all they need to know about safe karting and how to behave on the track.

Certificate of completion
Each student at the end of the course receives a Certificate issued by Athboy Karting Centre.
Always sunny at athboy karting centre
This program is designed for girls and boys who have never driven a kart before, as well as those who are relatively inexperienced and new to the sport.

The karting training at the Athboy Karting Centre is run
by Brian Carey, a very experienced karting pilot who has a lot of experience in teaching theory and practice to students and can be relied upon to teach young people how to drive a kart safely and effectively.
4 hours per day (2pm- 6pm)

Top 3 Reasons to join the Course

  • -1-
    Meet peers with a passion for karting, the pleasure of driving yourself and the sense of competition.
  • -2-
    By acquiring safe and efficient karting skills, your child will be able to apply these same skills when driving a car in the future.
  • -3-
    It is possible that karting could be a hobby for your child, or a start for something more. Michael Schumacher, for example, got his start in karting.
The number of applications is strictly limited.

Camp is complete for 2023
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