Regular Go Kart Session vs. Grand Prix Format

Racer at Athboy Karting extending an invitation for a thrilling Grand Prix
When you're thinking about hitting the go kart track you might be wondering what kind of session to book. Do you just want a regular session or are you up for something a bit more competitive? Well here's what you need to know.

Regular Go Kart Session:

This is your typical go at the track. You get a set amount of time to race around and the main goal is just to have a bit of fun. Maybe you're with some mates or you just fancied a solo spin. Either way you're in for a good time.

Grand Prix Format:

Now we're talking serious business! If you've a group of 8 or more people this is the way to go. The Grand Prix format is all about competition. You'll start with some qualifying rounds to figure out who's the quickest. Then based on those times you'll be placed in heats. As you race you'll either progress through or get knocked out. The aim? To be crowned the champion at the end of the final race. It's a bit more structured and offers a real sense of achievement if you come out on top.

At Athboy Karting:

We pride ourselves in accommodating groups both big and small. We can have up to 12 karts on the track at once. For those opting for a Grand Prix format with a larger group we've got you covered. We'll split the group into manageable numbers and the winners of each sub-group will then compete for the trophy at the end. With the capability to cater for up to 50 people there's no group too big for us. And if all that racing has got you hungry don't worry. We offer top-notch street food. If that sounds good to you make sure to discuss it when you're booking. Give Brian a shout at 086 806 8776.

So in a nutshell:

Regular sessions are more laid-back and all about having fun on the track. The Grand Prix format brings out the competitive side and is perfect for larger groups. With Athboy Karting's facilities and options you're sure to have a memorable experience. Hope that sorts everything for you! Enjoy your time at the track and best of luck if you're racing for that trophy!