How to get the best out of karting

Winning a karting race requires a combination of skill, strategy and preparation.

Newcomers to karting often make the same mistakes, which not only takes away from their enjoyment of the sport, but also prevents them from outperforming the other drivers and achieving the best possible result.

Of course, all skills are learnt through practice, but by taking into account just three factors, your results will get better and better every time.

1. Be in the right position on the track at all times.
2. The right time to accelerate and brake
3. Start your manoeuvre on time when entering and exiting a corner.

Before the race, the marshal will give you a briefing that clearly explains the rules of the track and how to drive the kart most effectively.

Important: Make sure that the seat and pedals are adjusted to your height and if you feel uncomfortable, ask the marshal to adjust the kart to suit you.

- Know the track: The karting session starts with one of the marshals driving in front of you for 2 laps. Try to memorise each corner and understand your position on the track in order to complete it at the fastest and safiest speed.

- NEVER brake hard in the corners - this is a big mistake made by novice drivers. The thing is that the kart has a rear brake system which will cause it to spin or skid out of control if you take corners incorrectly and brake too hard.
Be consistent: Consistency is key in karting. Avoid making mistakes such as overshooting corners or spinning out as this will slow you down and waste time.

- Know your opponents: Watch your opponents and study their driving style. This will help you anticipate their moves and make it easier to pass them.

- Stay focused: Stay focused and keep your mind on the race. Avoid distractions and concentrate on driving at your best.

By following these tips, you'll give yourself the best chance of winning a karting race. Of course, luck also plays a role in racing, but by being prepared and putting in the effort, you'll increase your chances of success.


Briefing before lads start their karting session
Aggressive or irresponsible behaviour is totally unacceptable at the Athboy Karting Centre - any time you break the racing rules your kart will be stopped by the marshal who will explain the reason for the stop. In this case you are wasting your time instead of enjoying the track. Repeated infringements will lead to disqualification and your session will be terminated.